Christmas Deal: Get 3 Stay Vocal T-Shirts for $12


Do you have a Roozt account? I just signed up and I am sold! With Roozt I get Daily Deals of 50-80% Off, On Everything You Could Imagine!

How it Works!

Each day Roozt features a company and offers a CRAZY discount for the companies product.

For instance, here’s today’s deal:

  • Purchase a $30 gift card good for use at for just $12.
  • With a $30 in StayVocal dollars, you can get 2 or 3 T-shirts (depending on style), 2 hats, or one hoodie with that gift card. (You only paid $12 for the GC)

I think this could be an inexpensive way to nab a gift for someone on my Christmas list at an affordable price which is why I opened my FREE Roozt account. Obviously, I’ll be getting way more bang for your buck.

T-shirts on start at $10, so your virtually paying for (1) t-shirt and getting (2) FREE!

I am looking forward to getting updates and saving money on future purchases from

If you want to check out the deals on Roozt, just click here to join for FREE!

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