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Commenting For Connections

I’m fairly new to blogging. My blog is just shy of two years old, and only recently have I started trying to “build” it up, seeking more traffic and working to build a sense of community within my readership. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about blogging and studying of other bloggers, and I’ve found that commenting can play a major role in growing blog traffic and readership. But commenting just for the sake of commenting doesn’t bring sticky traffic, forming connections.

Commenting that gives as much as it takes is the kind of commenting that leads to connections.

As I’ve immersed myself in the world of blogging, I’ve found myself gravitating to bloggers who interact with their readers in the comments of each post. I find that commenting and responding to comments results in conversations that lead to connections. And connections are a blogger’s best friend.

Commenting on other blogs, both in your genre and outside of it will help to bring additional traffic to your blog. As you leave comments within your genre, present yourself as a resource of additional information to the readers – add to the discussion with your comments. Don’t leave a “visit me” comment, but rather give something to the community that you are commenting in. Be a constant and steady voice within the community over time, and you will see sticky traffic begin to come to your blog as a result.

Outside of your genre, leave comments that add to the discussion. This is a great way to share your “expertise” on topics outside of your genre, but still attract readers to your blog. By seeing your added value on other blogs, readers are more likely to want to hear what you have to say within your genre.

Commenting on other blogs is a great way to add to the conversations taking place around the blog-o-sphere while building up your own blog. Use comments to create connections and conversations!


About Ashley:
Ashley Pichea is a wife and mom (almost 2 year old boy and 3.5 year old girl), as well as being a blogger, an online student (pursuing an MA in Ministry), and actively involved in her local church’s teaching ministry. She home schools her daughter and chronicles the journey at Teaching Jenny. Her blog, AP Freewriting, has become a place of ministry to women with a purpose of encouraging women with the Word of God. Ashley strives daily to find her identity in Christ, and she encourages you to connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Commenting For Connections

  1. I learned this last year and it works. I get to see where my viewers come from and a number of them come from blogs I posted on over six months ago.


    Ashley Reply:

    @The Coupon Diva, In my current season of life, I don’t the time to be able to do this as much as I’d like. I’m glad, though, for the time I do have to encourage others on their blogs through comments and build connections with them.


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