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$10 Personal Care Survey

My Personal Care Survey #215236

Log into your MY SURVEY account and you may see ‘My Personal Care Survey #215236. If you have it and decide to take it you’ll snag just shy of $10 for your participation. This survey is worth 1000 points and it only takes 1100 points ($10) to get a check, Paypal deposit or Amazon gift card in the amount of $10.

My Survey is one of my favorite survey company and the one that I highly recommend if you are just getting started with surveys. With my survey you are paid for every survey not just the ones you qualify for. With this survey company not only do you get compensated for giving your opinion, you also get to try and keep new products.

My Survey is a easy way to earn cash and rewards. Taking surveys is a great way to earn money to pay for Christmas gifts, pay off debt or even save for a vacation.

My Survey questionnaires are relatively brief and average around 5-20 minutes based upon the award amount. Plus for every friend you refer you’ll earn 150 points.

If you are interested, registration is FREE and easy click here to learn more.

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If you need a little more information before you begin read my post “Can I Really Make Money Taking Surveys?

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