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Do Deal Sites Really Save You Money?

There are so many deal sites like Groupon, Restaurant and Eversave popping up claiming to save us 50% to 90% on dining, attractions and local events. Their premise is to help consumers save money by pooling their buying power and focusing it on the establishments affiliated with each deal site.

But are we really saving money?

In my experience I’ve found that there are savings to be had. The savings are definitely real as I illustrate here with my Restaurant.com certificates. I use sites like these to get deals at local establishments quite often.

I also use them to save on future expenses. Since I know in advance that I’ll be in New York, New Jersey and Orlando, I also keep an eye out for deals in those cities as well. I’ve already purchased (4) Back Yard Burger certificates from my vacation in Florida. The total cost for the certificates was $32 but the total value is $64. With 10 hungry family members on vacation this deal will be a winner.

When a Deal is No Longer a Deal!

If you are just buying up vouchers but letting them expire, you are not getting a deal. In addition, if you buy vouchers just because they’re 80% off, you’re probably not getting a deal. Deals should not create expenses. Even though you are getting a significant discount, if you did not intend to spend money on that meal or event, it’s not truly a deal.

Deal sites can be a great resource if used wisely. No matter how great a deal sounds we must still use wisdom in how we spend our money.

Alright a Proverbs Wife Community: We all can probably say that getting a great deal can often be our vice as thrifty shoppers. What are some strategies you use to ensure that you are not just taking advantage of a deal just for the sake of snagging a deal?

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