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Hospitality: Implement a Call Before You Come Policy

Don’t wait until everything is perfect to have friends over. If a PERFECT HOUSE is the standard …you’ll probably NEVER-HAVE-FRIENDS-OVER.

If you don’t accept the realness of your own home, no one else will. Real people live in real homes which means there will be dirty dishes, unfolded laundry and unswept floors. How can we really be friends with people if we are embarrassed to let our friends into our REAL LIVES. Unfolded laundry on the couch doesn’t make you a filthy pig…it just means that you didn’t get around to folding and putting away the laundry.

Call Before You Come Policy

Pretty much all of my friends call before they stop by which gives me enough time to clear my laundry from the couch before they arrive. The big reason I don’t like laundry sitting around is because I don’t want friends seeing my families undergarments. My call before you come policy gives me  just enough time to wash and put away the dishes or sweep the floor. If you want your home to look presentable — NOT PERFECT — consider implementing a  Call Before You Come policy. It’s easy to implement.

Here’s how I approach the policy to friends:

Me: Hey girl! How have you been?

Friend: Great! We need to get together for lunch soon.

Me: We’ll I’m free on Tuesday afternoon, why don’t you stop by for lunch?

Friend: That sounds great. I’m free on Tuesday.

Me: Okay. Give me a call when your on your way.

I say something about ‘calling before you come’ whenever I discuss getting together. The main reason is because I could be in my bathrobe or pajamas. Although I try to get dressed before 10 a.m. there are times when I don’t.

A true proverbs wife doesn’t let superficial things keep her from fellowship with friends. She understands that hospitality and fellowship with her brothers and sisters in Christs is good for her and her family.

If a not-so-perfect-house has been keeping you from enjoying the company of friends, consider asking them the call before they come. This will give you enough time to tidy up and feel relaxed before they arrive.

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