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New Code Out Worth 6 #Swagbucks (Valid 11/1)

Are you looking for the latest Swagbucks code? Click on the button “SC” on the widget below for a clue to the latest code. This code is valid 11/1 until 1:30 P.M. PDT!!

Are you having a hard time locating Swagbuck codes? Read my detailed guide where I tell you all how to locate and identify codes.

And below you can find tips on how to get more swagcodes.

Ways to Get Swagcodes:

Here on the site: I’ll post here when I learn about a new swagcode. Oftentimes the codes are valid for about an hour and 24 hours then they expire. If you are not on the site or if you get updates via email or RSS, then you will miss out on codes that expire quickly.

On social media: For the codes that last only a few hours I alert you through Twitter or Facebook. The alerts are instant and will be posted on your community profile page/s. Take a moment to make sure you are a friend of mine on Facebook and Twitter.

Step One: JOIN

It’s FREE to join, FREE to quit and FREE to earn Swagbucks. Just for signing up you’ll get 30 Swagbucks instantly. JOIN HERE

Step Two: SEARCH

The search. Instead of google, you’ll now use www.Search.Swagbucks.com. There are a few ways to make it easy to remember to use your swagbucks search.

Download Swagbucks Toolbar. This is no mandatory but allows you to earn Swagbuck easier because the search engine is embedded in your browser toolbar.

Set Swagbucks as home page. Again, optional.

Bookmark Swagbucks: Go to the “bookmarks” tab on your browser, select “Bookmark this Page”, then under folder, select bookmarks toolbar. This will save swagbucks link in your toolbar for easy access.


Swagbucks do NOT expire. You can hoard them as you like! Redeem them for electronics or gift cards!


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