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Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

Between now and March of next year there is a strong possibility that at least one of my children will catch a cold. Which is why it was important for me to partner with Pedialyte and Collective Bias to talk with my Proverbs Mommies about being prepared.

Being a mom of four children ages 7 to 17 can be a struggle if even one of them gets sick. Usually if one gets sick…they all get sick. And some of you may know how overwhelming that can be.

Pedialyte helped me come up with some ideas for getting prepared before hand and I was able to share some great tips with a few friends.

Tip#1 – Have some freezer meals stashed away for days when the children are sick. Your hand will be full with comforting your little ones and preparing dinner will be the last thing on your mind.

Tip#2- Buy your medicine before you need it. I like to keep a cough suppressant, nasal decongestant, fever reducer and pain reliever on hand. Another thing I’ve added to my stash is Pedialyte Singles. The new kid friendly juice boxes make it easy to keep your kids hydrated. Finally, get in the habit of printing off cold medicine coupons in advance and keeping them in the medicine cabinet. That way even if you have to buy medicine when it’s not on sale, you won’t pay full price. Here’s a link to $1.50 off Pedialyte for my readers to help get you started.

Tip#3- Keep activities on hand that will help entertain your sick child as well has your healthy children. Pedialyte has 10 great activity sheets for kids which I’ve printed off and stashed away in the medicine closet. There are story sheets, fill- in -the blanks and coloring sheets. My kids had a great time working on some of them out this weekend.

You can get even more ideas by checking out my Pedialyte Whrrl story.


I was compensated by Collective Bias to share my experience with the Pedialyte product. All opinions are 100% my own. See my disclosure policy for more details.

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