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8 Things You Should Do After Christmas

1. Begin your 2011 holiday shopping.

You are probably recovering from all of this years holiday shopping and don’t want to spend another dime. But that’s the way consumers look at the days between December 26th and January 4th. An investor looks at them as a prime to buy now while the prices are at their lowest. The mark downs will be as much as 90% off during this period which is why it’s the best time to buy.
With this in mind you can begin saving up each year for not only Christmas shopping but after Christmas shopping as well.

2. Take down the Christmas decorations.

I’ve heard people joke on themselves about it being Spring and the Christmas decorations are still up. Not only is that laziness, it’s just plain tacky. Take the decorations down people.

3. Start a savings account or an emergency fund with some of the Christmas money you received.

A great place to keep your emergency fund is in an ING checking or savings account. Having it in a separate account keeps it out of sight and hopefully out of mind. Not seeing it in your primary bank account will hopefully keep you from spending it. 🙂

4. Begin making some New Year’s Resolutions or better yet, set some new year goals.

The BIG difference between resolutions and goals is a plan. Use this time to pinpoint what you want to achieve in the new year. Then write down what needs to happen for each goal to be carried out from start to finish. This is one of the steps I show you exactly how to do this using the worksheets included in my ebook, “How to Get Organized in 24 Hours“.

5. Get caught up on your 2010 tithes and offering.

By now you have a good idea of what your annual income will be for the year therefore, if you’ve fallen behind in your tithe get it paid. The tithe according to Bible is a tenth of 10% of your net income. If it means doing without something to get it all caught up then make it happen.

“Shall a man rob God?…”

6. Make your final 2010 investment contributions.

Anything received after December 31, 2010 cannot be claimed during the up coming tax season.

7. Start gathering your tax documents.

If you are self employed it’s especially time for you to get started. Calculate any business related expenses and gather your documentation.

8. Back up your files.

This is a great time to back up all of your computer and device files. You have probably loaded thousands of photos onto your hard drive along with tons of important documents. This is a great time to back up your hard drive just in case your computer decides to call it quits in the new year.

Okay Lovelies…What’s on your after Christmas “to-do” list?

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3 thoughts on “8 Things You Should Do After Christmas

  1. Good post and suggestions. Concerning resolutions: I’ve started making commitments at the beginning of the new year. For instance, I commit to organize and minimize. This includes purging documents, clothes, etc. and getting life and belongings organized. I guess that can also be considered a goal.


  2. This was almost exactly my to do list for the week, except we are facing a cross country move in a few weeks so the only shopping I did was for wrapping paper since we used every bit of what we had this year.


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