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A Plea for More Prayer: Virtual Book Club Coming January 2011

I hosted a virtual book club a few years ago and it created a great opportunity for the A Proverbs Wife community of readers to fellowship online.

We read through a book together and  each week we’d answer a question or two posted on the blog.

I’d like to do the same thing again next year if there is enough interest to make the conversation diversified.

The book we would be reading through is called The Ministry of Intercession – A Plea for More Prayer and is available in 3 formats.

Kindle or other reader device: FREE

Paperback: $9.99 Shipped with Amazon Prime

Hardcover: $26.38 Shipped with Amazon Prime

If you are interested in joining the book club fill out the form below. Once we have enough commitments I’ll post the reading assignment, questions and start dates.

There will probably be 4 chapters assigned per month. Take a look at the table of contents and let me know what you think about the reading assignment length.


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