A Public Relations Firm Contacted You…Now What?

So you opened your in box and you see that a Public Relation company has emailed you stating that they have a great opportunity for you. They tell you all about how great your blog is and THEY KNOW how much your readers want to hear about their product. Now your all excited and feeling special. You’re probably thinking “I’ve finally made it to the big times”, but then you realize that the P.R. Representative neglected to mention anything about compensation. At this point you’ll tell yourself one of two things:

A- “Oh well, at least if I do it I’ll get my foot in the door”.


B- “It’s time to begin negotiations”.

Each of us have to make our own decision regarding what we will or if we promote companies on our blogs. If you have decided to promote companies but are not sure how to go about negotiating compensation for your time and effort this post is for you.

If you are contacted by a P.R. Rep. please understand that your blog, audience and social media clout is worth something. It’s up to you to determine and express what that value is. After you’ve been contacted you’ll want to reply back stating your interest in promoting the companies product or service.

Other things that you should consider including in your reply is:

If the type of promotion was not specified, provide a brief summary of some of your marketing tools. This could include ad spots on your blog or in your newsletter, giveaways and anything else you offer.

→ Let the P.R. Rep know that you have a media kit which you can provide upon request.

→ Let them know that you are open to negotiation regarding your fees.

After you get your reply typed be sure to check for grammatical errors and then hit “send”. If the PR firm is serious about the greatness of your blog they will contact you back ready to negotiate a fair compensation for your time.


The worst thing a firm can say is ‘no thanks!’.

Okay APW Community… I have in the past promoted companies for FREE just because they’ve emailed and asked. How about you, do you promote companies without being paid?

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