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Coinstar Free $10 Bonus Moo-Lah!

Coinstar machines are offering a FREE $10 bonus when you cash in $40 worth of change for an eCertificate or gift card. The $10 can be redeemed for an eCertificate to iTunes, Lowe’s, Borders, Regal Entertainment,  Rixty aor Amazon!!

Here are the details…

1. Go to the Coinstar® machine locator to find the nearest participating machine.

2. Bring $40 or more in coins to the nearest Coinstar® machine and cash in.

3. Choose a gift card from iTunes, Lowes, Borders, Regal, Rixty or Amazon eCertificate.

4. Your $10 promo code will be at the bottom of your Coinstar receipt. For certain offers you can use your code immediately but for other you’ll have to follow the nest step.

5. Go back to the Coinstar page, enter your promo code and the rest of the information.

6. Your $10 gift card will be mailed to you.

This offer expires 12/31/2010!!

This is a perfect deal for  us because we save coins from January through December. We usually have enough coins to buy a few gifts because we don’t spend our change. Anytime we break a bill, that change goes into a jar.

Alright Lovelies, what are some creative ways you are able to save money.

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