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Monique’s Debt Free Journey Part 1

I’ve asked readers to send in their debt freedom stories so that I share them here. These stories will be those of encouragement and inspiration as we all work towards becoming debt free.

When did you begin your debt free journey?

In December of 2009 my husband was working for a payroll company. It is their busiest time of year! During the holidays he was going in early, working late, and going in on the weekends too. He received letters encouraging him and telling him they appreciated all of his hard work. Things were great! We were making our financial plans for 2010 and expecting to be out of the grand majority of our debt by the end of the year. We had taken Dave Ramsey in 2007 and it had changed our lives dramatically. My parents put us through the course and even took it with us! My inlaws were encouraging our wise decisions from afar (they live about 700 miles away)

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

The first week of January 2010 we were praising God for where we were in life. We had made so many bad decisions in the past financially, and we were FINALLY on track. We were digging our way out! I was six months pregnant with our daughter after going through two years of stressful and expensive (also ultimately unsuccessful) fertility treatments. That is another story for another day… GOD is the only explanation for this beautiful face staring at me as I type! That first week of January saw us in a very good place! It was the first time in our marriage we had been able to have a Christmas. We were really starting to vamp up our goals for our ministry and make some progress on it. The second week in January there was a snow day here. We live in a very good location. We aren’t far off a major highway, but we are also in the country on a little one lane road. That day my husband couldn’t get out of our driveway to go to work, and the ice on the roads was really bad.

The children were using it to sled down. My husband got a call that evening that he had lost his job. To say we were shocked would be an understatement. We have letters from only two weeks previous acknowledging all of his hard work from the owner of the company. When he received his letter of termination from the company it stated his reason for being let go as “unsatisfactory completion of duties”. He was devastated.

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