Proverbs 31:12 All The Days of Her Life

I awoke this morning with three things on my mind and I thought I might be refreshing for someone reading to read about what I was thinking.

As I laid there in bed I thought about was how I would minister to God, my husband and my children today.

Of all the things I could have woke up thinking about I was so glad that my mind was on these. The energy and time I put into these three areas of my life is what makes my life worthwhile.

While each of these ministries are important I just want to draw your attention to one of them today.


One of my favorite verses in Proverbs 31 is

“She will do him good and not evil ALL the days of her life”.

A-L-L is a strong choice of words for this statement but it is the word that made the cut. Another word that could have been used is S-O-M-E, which would have worked just fine.

Another word that could have been a good fit is M-O-S-T. But neither of those were chosen for this verse. The word chosen was A-L-L which leads me to the reason why I wake most mornings thinking about how I can best minister to my husband.

If I don’t set my thoughts on doing “him good A-L-L the days of my life“, I will probably end up with most, some or even none of the days. Trust me…I am a witness to how easily husband ministry can slip through the cracks. It is so easy for our days to become filled with busy-ness and distractions so-much-so that we don’t reserve any good at A-L-L for our husbands.

So today my mind is set on doing him good. I have a mental list of some good things I’d like to do which I’ll share here. I hope that you will share with the Proverbs Wife Community by commenting on the good things you do for your husband or plan to do for your future husband.

  • Warming his towel for a few minutes in the dryer just as he finishes showering.
  • Making sure he has a bar of soap and fresh linen in the bathroom when he arrives home from work.
  • Greeting him at the door when he arrives home from work.
  • Walking with him to the door when he leaves for work.
  • Seeing him off to work with kind words, a hug and/or kiss.
  • Praying openly with him for Gods protection and guidance.
  • Planning adequate occasions for physical intimacy.
  • Choosing attire that is appealing to him.
  • Turning over the reigns of home management to him when he is off from work.
  • Making meals that he enjoys.
  • Encouraging him to fellowship with his friends.
  • Supporting his vision for our family.
  • Speaking with a tone of reverence and an attitude of that builds him up.

Is husband ministry an important focus in your life? If so, how are you following this command?