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ReOrganzing My Financial Management Station

I had some FREE time on my hands so I decided to get our Financial Management Station Organized. As you can see by the picture below, it was a cluttered mess.

Since, I’ve just finished mapping out our 2011 financial plan it just seemed the next best thing would be to make sure that our system is still functional.

My station is very simple to use and tote around if necessary. We use a Clear Rubbermaid Three-Pocket File Folder Organizer which cost around $18. It has three slots that help us keep all of our bills, receipts and any household documents organized.

Well at least it does when it is organized. 😀

First thing I had to do was clean out all of the 2010 receipts and get them filed away for tax time. Next there was a lot of purging of bill statements from 2010. I like to hold on to my monthly bills for the entire year just in case their is a discrepancy that take me a few months to catch. 🙂

Next I worked on filing away warranties, policies and any other important documents.

I worked at each category until I was down to empty folders, my bill book and my trash pile. I replaced the old manila file folders with the Studio C file folders from Carolina Pad.

Finally, I tucked my bill book in the back, added labels to each folder and tucked my recycled envelopes in one corner.

Oh… yes I did!!

I don’t pay for envelopes any more. Companies send so many that we rarely use to pay bills so I use recycled ones whenever I do mail something. 😉

It felt good tackling this project

and I hope it’s motived you to do the same.

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6 thoughts on “ReOrganzing My Financial Management Station

  1. You have inspired me to get mine organized. Our system, is a mess!


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    It’s inspired me to Bree. I have some other projects that I’ve been putting off. I plan to tackle them and share them as well. I’m going to try not to let let things get out of hand in February. 😉


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