What Is Working Willingly

What is “Working Willingly”?

“Working Willingly” is published every Monday. It designed to help keep you accountable in completing your daily goals. It will work as a catalyst in helping you remain organized and focused. You will create a weekly list of tasks that YOU should be focusing on and then print and blog them. Place a copy in your Home Making Binder or on your refrigerator door. By seeing this list in your home and on your blog daily It will be a reminder of your weekly priorities..

It’s best to plan out your week on the weekend, using the subtopics below, and post it on Monday mornings. The topics are:


~Must Do

~Taking Care of my Home

~Training my Children

~Menu Plan Monday

These posts are perfect because they can easily be printed and stored in my Home Making Binder or somewhere easily accessible like my refrigerator door.

I am hoping that I can inspire myself and you to work willing according to Proverbs 31:13. Just come here on Monday’s to leave a link directly to your post in the comments section.

Grab a ‘Working Willingly’ Button Below or click HERE to see this weeks post.

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