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I need help from all of you who are willing and able. Some of you have just started reading A Proverbs Wife and others have been my readers ever since my blog was called A Day in the Life Of…

You know the purpose of my blog and how it’s goal is to inspire women to see themselves as God sees them.

In an effort to do this, over the past three years, I have shared my stories. I have written about my struggles and my accomplishments. But I my story is not enough.

Christian women as a whole are the most misunderstood species on the planet. We are extremely strong in the fact that we can take on so many roles in society yet we also possess an underlying fragility that
can only be nurtured by our Father.

I need more stories of women running to God and so does the A Proverbs Wife community of readers. We need to hear how you are seeking God for your marriage, your finances, parenting and more!!

I have gotten emotional over the years from the letters you ladies send me. You’ve told me how reading something here has inspired or taught you something. Some have wrote me to say thanks on behalf of a husband who was blessed when his wife began doing some of the things from this list.

Many of you have a story to tell that will encourage someone else. Think of how you felt when you were struggling through your situation. You may have thought no one else understood what you were going through but now that you have gone through it and came out stronger it’s time to help someone who is feeling the same way you felt.

This is a call for readers who are able, to shift from being just the encouraged to becoming the encourager.

I will be requesting stories from my readers on specific topics, however, If you have a story you’d like to share with community simply email it to scentreprenuer (at) aol (dot) com. Just replace at with @ and dot with (.)

Thanks so much for being a part of this community and making it great.

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