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A.M. Inspiration: Does Your Child Belong To God? I Samuel 1:11

In the book of 1 Samuel we read about a woman who was desiring to bear a child and sought the Lord in earnest with great stress. Upon making a vow to the Lord, He opened her womb and blessed her with the gift of a son, Samuel.

In her vow she promised that if the Lord was to give her a child, upon his weaning, she would then return him back to the Lord.

Do you live with the understanding that our children are a gift from the Lord, completely put in our trust and care to nurture and rear up in the Lord?

If not…

How would your parenting change if you understood and lived with the perspective that Hannah had?

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3 thoughts on “A.M. Inspiration: Does Your Child Belong To God? I Samuel 1:11

  1. After dealing with infertility ourselves, my husband and I named our son Samuel because of our connection to 1 Samuel during our struggles and beyond.

    We continuously come back to 1 Samuel in our lives while reading the Bible. My pages are worn, marked, highlighted, and cried on. By reading it constantly, we have the almost daily reminder of what God has planned for us and our son. We’ve chosen to live in a way that puts Samuel in the center of our marriage where we honor God through our love for him.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    What a special testimony. 🙂


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