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A #Swagbucks Christmas: January Swagbucks Totals

Swagbucks is on of the best reward company around. They make it easy to earn reward points and offer great prizes. I have been using Swagbucks for close to three years to pay for Christmas gifts and other items my family may need. You can read more about that in my guide. ( http://aproverbswife.com/2010/03/guide-get-free-stuff-with-amazon-swagbucks.html )

Each month I will update you on my progress. The updates will include information on how many Swagbucks I have, how many I’ve earned and what I added to my Christmas stockpile.

You can participate with me in several ways.

1- Join Swagbucks now and earn and instant 30 Swagbucks. (It’s FREE!)

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3-Track your 2011 Swagbucks progress and post about it. Go HERE to learn more about how to participate.

January Impact

Swagbucks – Earn points. Redeem for rewards!
You need 450 to for a Amazon.com gift card. Other rewards include cash, electronics and more!
Begining Swagbucks Balance: 3955
Earned: 2099
Redeemed: 2250 SB’s (For (5) $5 Amazon.com gift cards worth $25 total)
Remaining: 3802

How I funded Christmas with Amazon gift cards.

For the month of  January I bought two gifts for my Christmas gift stockpile.

Fantasma Toys Astounding Magic DVD Set by Fantasma Magic

Xbox 360 James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace

Additional Resources:

How did you do this month?

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4 thoughts on “A #Swagbucks Christmas: January Swagbucks Totals

  1. Swagbucks played a HUGE roll in my $100 Holiday last year. I was able to get a lot of my gifts free with the Swagbucks!

    One thing I discovered was that you have to start cashing out early. You can only do five of the same item in one month, only two per day, so $25 in $5 amazon.com gift cards per month.

    Finding other ways to get low and no cost gifts helped me round out Christmas. This year, with $100 budgeted again, I’ve gotten started getting gift certificates and Groupons in addition to Swagbucks, mystery shopping, and other methods to lower my cost.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @The Saved Quarter,

    That’s correct you do have to cash out early because their is a limit to how many rewards you can redeem per month.

    I too use group deal sites like Groupon, Eversave, ect. to offset the cost of the gift giving season.

    This week I grabbed this ( http://aproverbswife.com/2011/02/hot-deal-pulp-get-up-to-15-in-credit-for-just-1.html ) and this
    ( http://aproverbswife.com/2011/02/nab-315-swagbucks-a-20-barnes-noble-gift-card-for-10.html ) to add to my gift stash. There are some great opportunities to save money if one is willing to devote a little time.


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