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The Ministry of Intercession – A Plea for More Prayer (#2)

From January through April, I’ll be hosting a virtual book club. Our reading selection will be “The Ministry of Intercession – A Plea for More Prayer“.

This book is available for the Kindle and other reader devices FREE of charge. You can also order the book in paperback priced at $9.99 shipped free with Amazon Prime, or in hardcover for $26.38 shipped free with Amazon Prime.

Reading Schedule:

This month we will read chapters 5 through 8. On February 28th, I will post my thoughts from this months reading. I’d love for you to share answers to the discussion prompts in the comment section or leave a comment with a link directly to your answers if you’d much rather post them on your blog.

Discussion Prompts:

Share at least one paragraph from this months reading that stood out for you and why?

Was there any part of this months reading that was especially convicting to you?

Has this months reading affected in any way? If so, share how?

Do have anything you’d like to add or ask? If so, leave us a comment below.

If you are just learning about the book club, it’s not too late to join us. Feel free to jump in at anytime.

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