Win a $100 Gift Card

Thanks to Monique, a generous A Proverbs Wife Community reader and her husband, 1 lucky member of our community will win $100.00 Gift Card!

After sharing her debt freedom story here earlier this year, Monique and her husband decided to sponsor one person to take advantage of what Dave has to offer. Both Monique and I are self titled brand evangelist for Dave Ramsey as result of our experience with his methods for becoming debt free.

Monique and her husband are already debt free and I am well on my way. And for that reason we want to help on lucky reader either get started or get the boost they need to finally go ahead and conquer debt.

Because this giveaway is specifically for APW community readers, you don’t have to anything to enter. The winner will be chosen randomly from my Email subscribers and Facebook “likers” on record as of 2/28 at 11:59 PM. All of the email address and Facebook names will be combined into a list and the winner will be chosen.

Upon being chosen, the giveaway winner will receive a coupon code good for anything on up to $100.00  in value.

This giveaway winner will be announced on Monday, February 28th, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST. You must be a U.S. resident to win this giveaway. ( doesn’t ship outside of the US)

(Thanks so much to Monique for sponsoring this giveaway!!)

Are you working toward becoming debt free? What has been your biggest obstacle or achievement?


  1. David E. Lutz says

    Love your program. An important ministry at this time, especially. I can’t find where to enter for the gift card.

  2. Autumn says

    I am excited to hear who the winner of the $100 gift certificate is (crossing my fingers!) but I don’t see it posted anywhere. Where can I find it? And again, thank you for the chance!!!

    • The Proverbs Wife says


      The winner is being now. I don’t know why I said that the winner would be announced at 11:59 PM. I should have said that the giveaway will be closed at that time.

      The winner will be posted on the blog today!! Good luck.

  3. Melisse says

    I have the FPU on my ipod and get my regular dose of Dave! His book More Than Enough is a great thought provoking and change implementing tool. All my family may get it for CHRISTmas next year! Have yet to get hubby in an FPU class but I’m the budget/bill person so we’re working on Baby Step 3, also.

  4. Autumn says

    I read your blog everyday in my google reader via an rss feed. But, I want to be in the running for the Dave Ramsey gift card so I hope this gets me set up to recieve emails from you. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • The Proverbs Wife says


      Me too Linda and I am reading it a weird way. I only read up to the step that I am at, so it’s taken 3 years to read through it. We will complete baby step #3 this month so we are really excited about that.

  5. says

    Wow, thanks! I LOVE Dave Ramsey. I’ve taken his Financial Peace course & KNOW the concepts, I’ve just yet to totally embrace them. Every year I get a little better, so I just keep pluggin’ away. LOL

    • The Proverbs Wife says

      @Jenny (Queenbeaz),

      Well keep at it. It took me and Mr. Proverbs Wife a few years to get serious but once we did it paid off. I’m looking forward to hearing that you’ve reached your next financial goal very soon. 🙂

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