Do This One Thing & Cut Your Cooking Time In Half

I get excited when I think about making my weekly dining menu.

The reason behind my excitement is the peace that comes with knowing that because I invested a few minutes each week to plan my menu I’ll be better prepared to feed my family.

In addition to planning my menu I also take time to include preparation notes on my menu.

What are Preparation Notes?

After making my menu I look over it and jot down things that can be done in advance to shorten my time in the kitchen each night. For example take a look at my breakfast meal plan and prep notes from last week.


Monday – Cereal w/ O.J.

  • Set table with cereal box, bowls, cups and spoons (Sunday)

Tuesday – Scrambled Eggs w/bacon and toast

  • Scramble eggs the night before. Bake bacon during lunch (Monday)

Wednesday – Cheerios w/toast and O.J.

  • Put toast in oven in baking sheet. Set oven toe self start. (Tuesday)

Thursday – Crockpot Grits w/tangerine

  • Start grits, place tangerine, bowls, cups and spoons on table (Wednesday)

Friday – Smoothie w/toast & sausages

  • Put frozen fruit in blender. Refrigerate. Bake sausage. (Thursday)


Having the notes allows me to break down my meal preparations into smaller tasks. It also helps me stay on track and feel less overwhelmed.

Okay APW community…How do you plan your weekly menu?

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