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February Financial Recap – $1,523.66 Impact

I’ve been keeping you guys up to date with what I have been earning through survey and reward companies, but because most of you don’t take surveys it may better to let you see a full picture of all of the areas I am able to save and earn money.

I model my financial decision behind the Holy Bible and try to focus on the income earning premises found in Proverbs 31:24

She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

And the premise of money management found in Proverbs 31:27

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

And the premise of  wise financial discernment found in Proverbs 31:16

She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.

We have been a one income family for close to 8 years and in that time we have adopted the principle of  living on less than we earn and never calculating any secondary income into financial decisions.

In other words, we do not calculate in what I earn as a source for addressing bills, debt or purchases. What we decided to do if I ever went back to work was to dedicate my income to savings. In theory, we planned what we would do with a second income before we began earning a second income. So although we have two incomes we like we only have one.

Not only that, but we also evaluate every method available to reduce the financial obligations tied to my husbands income. Each dollar saved is a dollar earned. I don’t think people realize how a little savings here and there can accumulate. Below you will get an idea of how beneficial every tiny effort can be for your family.


Grocery Savings $863.42

Finesse Conditioner $1.99

Free Items $95.35

Birthday Day Gift $20
Egg Beaters (FREE) value $2.70
Cool Juice (FREE) value $3.29
FREE Jet magazine .77
FREE Ebony magazine $1.72
FREE Parents magazine .33
FREE Black Enterprise $1.08
FREE Martha Stewart Living $2.33
FREE American Baby $1.16
FREE Disney FamilyFun .99
FREE Forbes $1.15
FREE Bloomberg Business Week $1
And More Free Magazines!!
Free CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lip Color HERE

Rebate Shopping Sites

Ebates (Get $5 or a $10 gift card after first qualifying purchase)
Shop At Home (Get $5 when you sign up. Must use within 60 days)
Swagbucks $2.50 (Get 30 Swagbucks for signing up)

Sale Shopping $74.06

Groupon Here
Eversave Here
Shop at Home

Total Monthly Savings – $1,032.65

Grand Total YTD – $2,356.10



Linkshare Affiliate Network

Logical Media Affiliate Network ($25 Sign on Bonus)

Ready Site Affiliate Network ($25 Sign on Bonus)

Panthera Affiliate Network ($150 Sign on Bonus)

My Savings Affiliate Network

Escalate Media Affiliate Network

Shop at Home





Revenue Curve

Affiliate Future

Ebook Sales



Pine Cone Research

My Survey

Opinion Outpost

Ipsos/I say Panel

Survey Spot

American Consumer Opinion

Nielsen Digital

Survey Head



Focus Group



Shop at Home (Get $5 when you sign up. Must use within 60 days)
Ebates (Get $5 or a $10 gift card after first qualifying purchase)
Living Social
Deal Pulp
Plum District



Total Monthly Earnings – $491.01

Grand Total YTD – $1178.21

Total Overall Impact to My Family – $1,523.66

Our families financial goals for this year are to fully fund our 3-6 month emergency fund (DONE), buy two used cars debt FREE, make $3600 in extra mortgage payments and invest 15% of our annual income.

Ephesians 3:20-21 (King James Version)

20Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

21Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

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4 thoughts on “February Financial Recap – $1,523.66 Impact

  1. Amazing. I am following you now to learn more of financial joy. Can I call it joy? I think so, because the opposite is definately sorrow. I wish someone had taught me this as a young bride. In my day nobody discussed financial issues–good or bad.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    You’ll definitely read a lot of articles about financial joy here on AProverbsWife.com. There was a time when we were drowning in debt and felt despair. We had faith and a hope that if we were obedient and made better financial choices that things would get better. It’s been a journey (and still is) but we are more then half way to one of our biggest goals of debt freedom.

    As you learn more about financial stewardship, with each accomplished goal, the financial will begin to pour in. I highly recommend looking at Dave Ramsey.com. There are many free and fee service that have helped Mr. Proverbs Wife and I overcome debt and obtain financial peace.

    Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog community sweet friend.


  2. I am really impressed with your affiliate earnings – i can’t seem to earn a thing from them. Maybe you could write something on how to earn money with affiliate marketing.

    Am your newest follower from Traveling Through Thursdays. Would appreciate a follow back at Dropped Stitches.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    I’m following you on blog on GFC. I recently wrote an article on how to get started. It’s quite possible that there may be one coming soon on how to make money blogging. I’m not expert which is why I haven’t wrote one thus far…but maybe in the near future. Thanks for stopping by and joining the A Proverbs Wife community Erin.


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