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Keeping Kids Busy on A Budget

I am with my children roughly 17 waking hours of the day. In between managing my home raising my children and homeschooling them I also operate my business from home. During the day I often need the children to work or play quietly. I found that many of the resources available at the Dollar Tree do the trick.

I try to be intentional about what I fill their time with while I work or complete a phone call. I could just as easily hand them the television remote but I’d much rather have them doing something that will strengthen their logic, math, phonics or fine motor skills.

Dollar General has been my go to resource for puzzles, activity pads,and seek and find books. They also have a ton of other educational resources as well.

I have a drawer filled with activities from the dollar tree like the ones pictured above. Whenever I need ten or fifteen minutes of uninterrupted time, I send the kids to the drawer to choose and activity.

As soon as I get the puzzles home, I cut out the picture and place it and the puzzle pieces in a ziploc bag. Storing them this way is less bulky and allows me to keep more time stuffers in the draw. If you were in need of a inexpensive idea to keep your kids busy consider checking out the educational aisle at your local dollar store.

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