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Working Willingly: Monday 3.21.11

Good morning sweet friends. Today is Monday and day one of my new workout regimen and eating plan. The workout was great but the diet has me actually eating more than I normally eat which feels a bit weird.

So…this week will be 6 days of working out and therefore you’ll probably be hearing about my progress in this weeks articles.

What you can expect on the blog today:

The 3.23.11 Publix deals later this afternoon, some sweepstake announcements, a new survey company introduction, fun for kids on a budget and some money saving deals here and there.

Continue reading to check out my weekly home keeping schedule and menu plan.

This meme is inspired by Proverbs 31:13. If you feel led to write and share your own ‘Working Willingly’ post, click HERE to get started.


1.) FAITH:

  • Bible Reading: Psalm 92-98
  • Prayer: Monday – Sunday
  1. – Prayer with and for my husband
  2. – Prayer with and for my children
  3. – Intercessory prayer for my family and others
  4. -Prayer request from church
  • Discipleship: Writing letters of encouragement and inspiration to someone.

This Weeks Memory Verse


Matthew 6:33

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

2.) MUST DO” List:

  • Ask God to direct week so that I use my time, energy, money and any other resources to glorify Him.
  • Look through the P90x meal plan to prepare our daily meal.
  • Laundry: washing, drying, folding, tailoring, ironing & putting away.
  • File tearpads and blinkie coupons.
  • Choose clothes for church & iron them
  • Let my 10 & 8 year olds practice ironing on low setting.
  • Allergy shot this week.
  • Set up fellowship with my sister chicks for this week.

3.) Taking Care of My Home:

Complete daily and weekly chores listed below with my children.

Monday – Sweep bathrooms (younger 2 children), Mop bathrooms (older 2 children), Sweep foyer (youngest son), Sweep & Mop laundry room (oldest & youngest sons), Sweep Kitchen (youngest son), Mop kitchen (Oldest & youngest daughters) Clean master bath toilet (youngest son) & sink (youngest daughter)

Tuesday – Bring trash and recycle bin to front of the house for pick-up (oldest son), Clean guest bathroom toilet (youngest son & daughter), Clean toilet in kids bathroom (oldest & youngest son), Clean sink and counter in kids bathroom (youngest daughter), Clean doorknob, light switch plate, front and back of bathroom door (youngest son), Clean mirror (oldest daughter), Make shopping list & print coupons (Mom), Put meat in refrigerator to defrost for tomorrows dinner (Mom)

Wednesday – Bring all trash receptacles to the back of the house, Vacuum all carpets in the house, Iron clothes for Church (Mom & two middle children), Complete one quarterly task (organize 3 drawers), Put meat in refrigerator to defrost for tomorrows dinner (Mom)

Thursday – Sweep all (5) floors, dust, wipe disinfect one room (school room), Gather coupons for shopping (oldest daughter), Put meat in refrigerator to defrost for tomorrows dinner (Mom)

Friday – Clean all tubs and showers (Older two children & I wash the tubs. Two younger children wipe walls & knobs), Clean toilet and sink guest bathroom (Mom), Complete one quarterly task (Dust fan blades). Wash all bed sheets, air out mattresses and remake beds (everyone)

Saturday – (No housework) Grocery shopping. Take out meat for Sunday (Mom), Calculate weekly tithe (Mom or Dad),

Sunday- (No housework) SABBATH

4.) Training My Children:

Devotional & Personal Bible Reading~My 7 & 8 year olds will continue reading  “The One Year Devotions“. My 10 year old will continue reading Proverbs this week. My 17 year old will continue Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit Of The Spirit by Beth Moore.

Character Training: Being diligent workers




5.) Menu Plan Monday




B~Cottage Cheese , grapes, Mushroom omelet & protein shake

L~Grilled Chicken and Cabbage

D~ Salmon, Asparagus, Wild Rice, Red Pepper Soup w/ protein powder




B~ Protein Shake

L~ Chicken Stir Fry & Cashews

D~Stuffed Peppers, Green beans, Miso Soup w/ protein powder




B~ Turkey bacon & Chicken Scramble

L~Chicken Salad, Spinach or Lettuce, Vegetable Soup w/ protein powder

D~Halibut, Wild Rice & Zucchini




B~Soy Sausage Muffins & Skim milk

L~Steak & Salad

D~Grilled Chicken, Quinoa & Peas



B~ Spinach Scramble, Milk w/ Pear or Orange

L~Turkey Burger, Salad, Soup w/ protein powder

D~ Talapia, Wild Rice & Artichoke


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