3 Tasks That Waste Your Blogging Time

How much time are you wasting each day doing non writing related tasks? If you really take an inventory of your online time, you will find that much of your time is wasted completing tasks that technology can manage for you. While we would all love to have a virtual assistant, until we can afford one we must utilize the tools available to us. Therefore we must find creative ways to use our time efficiently.

How to get more done in less time.

  • Automate your blog. If you write recurring post, consider installing a post template plugin. This type of plug in will allow you to create posts on a regular basis which have the same structure such as this one. This will help you to spend less time rewriting the same content over and over again each week.
  • Automate your email. The easiest way to do this to use a Gmail account. Gmail has features that allow you to cause certain mail to skip your inbox and be sent to specified folders. You can set up canned responses that work similar to a post template, only it’s a pre-made email response. This is especially helpful for sending out responses to emailers interested in advertising. If you don’t  have a Gmail account you are already behind the eight ball. The easiest way to learn how to set up and implement a Gmail account is to download and print The Ultimate Guide to Gmail for FREE. It’s a 30+ page guide that will tell you everything you need to know about Gmail and how to make most of it.
  • Automate your social media accounts. One of the biggest time sucks can be social media and trying to keep your account statuses updated can be a headache. For this reason I suggest adding a feature that will update for you whenever you publish a new post. A great plugin for WordPress owners is “Twitter Tools, which can be customized to send out all of your post as they are published or just the ones you designate. If you use the Feedblitz email service, you can also access this feature in your administration dashboard. You can schedule your posts to be sent to both Twitter and Facebook.

I publish over fifty posts a week, in roughly 25 hours, with no virtual assistant. I am a full time wife, mom and homeschool teacher. It is no small feat to stay on track but by tweaking little things here and there I am able to accomplish more in less time.

What activities do you find are cutting into your blogging time?

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