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Work-At-Home Wednesday: Monetize Your Blog With Logical Media

As a result of my Monthly Financial Recaps I have been asked to share more details about each of the affiliate companies I am partnered with. Every Wednesday in April, I will feature one company and this week I want to introduce you to Logical Media. If you are not familiar with blog monetization, you may want to read, 12 Steps to Monetizing Your Blog first.

Logical Media is CPA or “cost per action” affiliate marketing company that pays you for each person that successfully signs up for freebies or other campaigns offered by their partners. They offer family friendly brand name campaigns that concentrate specifically on saving money.

Some of the advertisers in the network include:

  • Groupon

To see an example of how I incorporate a campaign such as Vistaprint into my blog go here.

It’s absolutely free to join Logical Media, plus you’ll get a $25 cash bonus when you are approved for the Logical Media affiliate network. If you have websites, blogs, are a search engine marketer, email marketers, or other type of internet marketers, you can apply. Once you join, you can earn a 5% commission for every approved new affiliate you refer to Logical Media.

If this is the first affiliate company you’ve ever partnered with, here are some things you’ll need to know before you sign up.

1) Site stats such as how many visitors does your site get.
2) A valid mailing address.
3) A social security number or tax i.d. number. (They need this to report your earnings to the I.R.S. and send you a 1099)

Okay…this is everything you need to know about Logical Media to get started. If you have any additional questions leave them in the comment section below ( if you are reading this in a reader, you’ll have to click over to the site to comment), or contact me via email.

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