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Crowdtap = Cash + FREE Old Navy Shorts For You & 3 Friends

Would like to earn money for reviewing products and participating in an online community? If so, Crowdtap is a great way to get started. With the Crowdtap network, you’ll be connected with companies who want to hear what you have to say about them. Not only will you be compensated for your reviews, but you’ll also earn money for answering mini quizzes, participating on the site and when your refer other reviewers.

The minimum cash out is $10 and a friend of mine made $3,000 using Crowdtap in the last 6 weeks. I know that I could use $3,000 every six weeks, what about you?

That was enough to pique my interest which is why I joined this weekend. I will keep you posted on my progress but in the meantime, go ahead and get signed up here.

Let me also share a little bit about how it works.

When you sign up you are automatically given 300 points which is the cardboard level or level 1. The more questions you answer the more points you earn and the higher level you will earn. You can make it to level 3 in 10 minutes.

Once at level 3 or 2,500 points, you’ll be able to receive opportunities to throw Hosted Parties and Sample Products. The latest product sample is sponsored by Old Navy and members are able to get FREE Old Navy Shorts to review and keep.

Now through June 2nd, Crowdtap Level 3 members can also apply to host and Old Navy Party for their friends!! How cool is that?

If you are chosen you get the following:

🙂 1 FREE shorts coupon for you
🙂 3 FREE shorts coupons for your best friends

That sounds like a shopping party to me.

If you are already a Crowdtap member just sign in here and and click on the “New Actions” tab to get started. If you want to get started with Crowdtap click here.

Thanks The Daily Goodie Bag!

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