Final 24 Hours #Moms – As Low As $10 for $30 Credit for

Today and tomorrow will be the last chance to nab this sweet Mamapedia deal. It’s a $30 Totsy gift credit for as low as $10. Totsy always has some awesome sales. and I plan to use my Totsy credit to start buying back to school clothes for my kids. I wanted to get me a pair of sandals but I always end up buying something for my kids. 😀

Don’t miss out: $15 for $30 credit on – $10 if you still have your $5 Mamapedia new member credit.

Go ahead and nab this deal today and I’ll keep you posted on the hottest Totsy deals in the coming days.

If you are new to Mamapedia, it is very similar to Groupon and Eversave! You just have to sign up for FREE!!

UPDATE: Use promo code JUNE10 for 10% off this deal. .

Look for this deal in the city of Atlanta or Philly to see the Totsy offer.

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