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Frugal Fashions – Save 75% With HauteLook

There are so many new sites popping up online offering us discounts on everything from clothes, to food to vacations. I’ll be the first to admit that I join just about every discount site once just in case I am looking for a deal on something.

My deal sites are the first one’s I visit when doing my shopping. I visit them even before my brick and mortar stores now because 9 times out of 10, then have lower prices.

Today I joined HauteLook – a private shopping club that gives me access to high-end fashion at up to 75% discounts. Now I don’t buy a ton of clothes but when I do, I like to buy quality items for a fraction of the price, and sites like HauteLook among other allow me to do it frugally.

I’ll keep you posted on any smokin deals so go here and get a FREE account because the are only accessible to HauteLook account members. Plus after you sign up you can refer your friends and get a $10 credit per referral. 🙂


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