Get a FREE $10 Gift Card + Free Electronics & FREE Shipping!!

No More Rack is once again offering up the FREEBIES!!

So far, some of you have been able to score a FREE $10 gift card, a FREE bracelet, FREE sunglasses and Renee over at The Daily Goodie Bag got a FREE iPad from their last promotion!!

Today, I’m going to tell you how to get FREE electronics plus FREE shipping with no strings attached!!

1. First, sign up at No More Rack (it’s FREE) and use promo code P1080

2. Then, click on the banner on the top of the page that says “Friend Rack”


3. Now, click on invite friends at the top of the page to get your unique referral link.

4. Finally, use it to refer your friends. Be sure to tell them to use promo code P1080 so they can get their FREE $10 credit to use on NoMoreRack!! This is an on going deal so don’t worry about trying to get a great deal of referrals over time. Just share your referral link from time to time and watch your numbers grow. A great place to post it is on your Facebook wall, Twitter status update, on your Mommy cards or at the end of your emails.

Check out the FREE electronics you can choose from below.


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