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Glow Grips $29.99 + FREE Shipping!!

Glow Grip

I don’t usually post “As Seen On TV” deals, but I like this one, especially if you have little kids. My kids were never really afraid of the dark but when they were younger, we lighted the path to the bathroom with night lights to help prevent accidental run in’s with the wall.

But the drawback of nightlights, is that if your children are really young, they can be attracted to the night light thinking it’s something fun and there curiosity can cause them harm. Which is why I thought these Glow Grips would have been a better solution for use when our kids were younger.

Glow Grips are glow in the dark grip traction strips that bond to most surfaces. They say you just peel, press and go. These have a 5-year glow guarantee and if you’ve ever put down linoleum tile with the peel off backing, this probably has the same concept.

One the site, they show examples of the Glow Grips being used on outdoor decks, front steps and in bathrooms. I would love to know if anyone has these and what they think of them.


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