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It’s Time For Your FREE Financial Checkup!!

We are six months into the year which makes it a perfect time to check your credit. Getting out of debt is not only about budgets, it’s also about knowing what your creditors are saying about you. I check mine for FREE every month with Credit Karma and bi-annually using FREE Annual Credit Report.

While Annual Credit Report is always FREE, Credit Karma only offers this complimentary service a few time a year. There are 54 FREE Credit Karma sign ups left so when those run on use this link.

It takes a few minutes to enter your information over their secure site (just look for the https: in the address bar which means that it is a secure internet access point — http: means unsecured ;)) and you’ll be able to instantly see what your credit report looks like. Be sure to remember your password so that you can check your report as often as you like.

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