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Question for the #CWAHM: Are You Still His Helpmeet?

When I sat down to write out this months blog goals I asked God to help me focus on creating content that would help my readers. Because I don’t know each and everyone of you personally, I really cannot nail down what it is specifically that each of you needs from this blog on a day to day basis. One of the purposes for this blog is to help people, but in the midst of me helping others I sometimes spread myself to thin. Trying to be all things to all people often prevents me from being Mr. Proverbs Wife’s helpmeet.

I know that I’m not the only woman who is confronted with the desire to use her gifts and talents to help whenever she can. It’s the way that we were created. But could being so helpful to others be taking away from you being a helpmeet to your husband also?

All married women have to be careful of this especially those who are work at home moms. Finding the right balance between running my business, homeschooling, homemaking and marriage has not been easy. Over the last three years I’ve made schedule after schedule in an effort to find the right balance, but each time it would seem that something or someone would fall through the cracks.
That someone would most often be Mr. Proverbs Wife. I would send him to work hungry because I didn’t have time to put his meal plan together like I did before becoming a WAHM. I began neglecting to get his work clothes washed when he needed them. There were periods when I skipped making homemade meals but instead served up not as healthy convenience foods. It was okay initially, but when I began to rely heavily on these things in place of what my family was used to, I wasn’t a peace with my choices. The way that I was spending my time was taking me away from doing what God thought was most important for me to do. And that was being my husbands helpmeet.

So how do you still be a helpmeet while, managing a family and at home business?

Follow God.

This can tricky and what makes it tricky is that, in order to follow God you have to be connected to Him. In order to be connected to him you must have a day by day relationship with Him. Each day I am presented with responsibilities regarding my husband, children, home and business. I cannot successfully look at each responsibility and decide which are the most important to God at any given moment with 100% accuracy unless I am connecting with God daily. As I make my time with God a priority, I am able to see clearly how He wants me to divide my time and attention. This clarity allows me to better follow Gods lead for my life.

Trust God.

I have been trusting God from the day that I accepted Christ. I think it’s been said that I have radical faith because when I pray for direction and God gives me answers, I immediately look for signs confirming Gods response. Regarding this blog in particular, I struggled with the amount of time I was putting into it. Blogging began overlapping my responsibility to my husband. I would stay up late and awake early to work on my blog. In addition, I’d spend a lot of time during the day blogging. Although I enjoyed every minute of it, I wasn’t being the helpmeet to my husband that I wanted to be. I was over indulging in my hobby and being selfish. One day I prayed and told God that if it took this much time to grow a blog then I’d give it up. Soon after that God began working in me and crafting a schedule that allowed me to be sensitive to His priorities. Growing this blog is just as important to me now as before, the only difference is that I’m more focused on Gods leading  regard to my work schedule. I still get antsy when God is calling me to take a day off in the middle of the week. I always feel like I could be writing or hunting down a great deal. It’s a process but I’m trusting God to show me how to manage my business and still be a help to my husband.

I just wanted to share some of what God is doing in me. I have a strong desire to see God fulfill all of Proverbs 31 in my life. The fact that the Proverbs 31 wife had a business, was able to manage her home and be a help to her husband is a blessing. I am inspired when I read  Proverbs 31. It fuels my faith and hope in all that God can do through wives. I hope that as you read articles on this blog that my experiences inspire you to fulfill your call as A Proverbs Wife as well.

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3 thoughts on “Question for the #CWAHM: Are You Still His Helpmeet?

  1. For about 6 months I was working from home (in a position other than blogging) and it really drained all of my energy and took all of my “free time” (nights, weekends, naps). I was worn out and didn’t spend my best time doing the things that were most important like being a servant of Christ, wife, and mom. We actually spent more money because I cooked less and didn’t spend time saving money. Thankfully, it wasn’t something that was needed for our family to survive and we are all much happier now that I’m a full time mom (and blogger).


  2. WOW! I soo needed this post. I can so relate. God is my inspiration for my blog and he keeps me going and directs me. without him directing me I would be in trouble….


  3. Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed right now. I too am struggling to find the right balance so that I can give my husband the attention he needs. You are totally right about turning it over to God.
    Thank you again for all the effort you put into the blog!


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