Summer Storm Savings Guide $20 Publix Gift Card Rebate Scenario

I put together a scenario for this weeks Publix $20 ConAgra/Summer Storm Savings Guide Rebate. Use it as a guide to put together the best scenario based upon the coupon you have available. Leave us your scenarios in the comment section.


30 Chef BOYARDEE = $30
10 Peanut Butter = $10.80
2 Gulden Mustard = $2.60
6 Ketchup = $4.15
Total Before Coupons = $47.55
Total After Coupons = $24.71
Will get back $20 Publix Gift Card
FINAL COST = $4.71 or $.10 per item


Buy 10 cans of Chef BOYARDEE = $1 each ($10)
Use (3) $.50/3 Chef Boyardee Coupon!
Stack with (1) $1/1 Chef BOYARDEE coupon from the ‘Summer Storm Savings Guide Booklet’ (store Q)
Subtotal = $10
Final after coupons= $6 or $.60 a can!!

Buy 10 Peter Pan Peanut Butter = $1.24 each
Use (10) $.50/1 Peter Pan Coupons = -$10 off (you can print 10 here w/ code)
Subtotal = $12.40
Final after coupons = $2.40 or $.24 each!!

*note you can buy 1 specially marked child hunger ends here item, bring it home, enter the code and get the 10 coupons to do this deal.

Buy 2 Gulden’s Mustard = $1.29 each
Buy 1 Hunts Ketchup = $.83 each
Use (2) $.35/1 Guldens Mustard = -$1.40 off
Stack with  (1) $1/1 wyb 3 Hunts or Ketchup – Summer Storm Savings Guide Booklet (store Q)
Subtotal = $4.24 out of pocket
Final after coupons = $1.84 or $.61 each!!



Total after $20 Gift Card = $6.64 for 23 items


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  1. Rebrekkable says

    I did my trip 2 days ago! oop was $10.59 cash for $64.46 worth of groceries…AND I GET THE GIFT CARD BACK!

  2. says

    You have to spend $50 (before coupons and tax) so you didn’t quite make it with the $47.55. I bought 1 deal Bogo Orville Redenbacher 6 deals bogo Peter pan 1 bogo hunts ketchup 2 quaker life bars 2 danimals 3 sargento shredded cheese 6 bogo deals V8 Splash 2 bogo deals ball park franks total before qpons $98.79 after qpons $27.05 used $10 gift card from last rebate and OOP was $17.05. Once I get my $20 gift card it will be profit or if you don’t want to count me using the $10 Gift card I paid $7.05 for $98.79 worth of groceries.

    • The Proverbs Wife says

      Your total grocery order for this rebate has to be $50 or more. The ConAgra purchases only have to be $25 or more. My total grocery order, which is not included in the scenario was well over $50. 😀

  3. Dawn Day says

    Thank you for explaining. I didn’t know Publix doubled up, well atleast not in Florida which stinks.

  4. Dawn Day says

    I am not following with your numbers. On the PB, if they are $1,.24 each and you buy 10 that is $12.40 but the the coupon is $.50 off 1 so if you have 10 coupons that would only be $5.00 leaving $7.40 not $2.40. And under the picture you have 10 PB’s for a total of $10.80. Not sure where you got that from. The others don’t add up as you listed unless i’m missing something. Also, where did you get the rebate form? Thank you

  5. Becky says

    This page does not come up showing where to get the coupons. Please advise. Thanks!

    Buy 10 Peter Pan Peanut Butter = $1.24 each
    Use (10) $.50/1 Peter Pan Coupons = -$10 off (you can print 10 here w/ code)
    Subtotal = $12.40
    Final after coupons = $2.40 or $.24 each!!

    • The Proverbs Wife says

      You have to have a code from the specially marked “Child Hunger Ends Here” Conagra products. I suggest buying 1 Chef Boyardee (with the red pushpin” and then entering the code for the 110 coupons. There are Peter Pan coupons and Chef Boy Ardeee’s on the site. Just hit back 10 time for 10 coupons.

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