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Win-Win Way To Get Rid of Outgrown Kids Summer Clothes

Summer is officially only 19 days away and as we begin to pull out those boxes of kids summer clothes we’ll find that many of them just don’t fit our kids any more.

If your kids have outgrown their clothes I know a way that you can get rid of them and get some in return.

Instead of donating our throwing away your kids gentle used clothes, swap them with another mom in the thredUP community. thredUP is where moms swap kids clothes and toys. The service is free to join and boxes of preloved clothes and toys costs just $5 plus shipping, but because your new, the $5 per box fee is waived.

So for just the cost of shipping, you’ll get a whole box a new-to-you clothes.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Gather all the clothes your child no longer reads, and list them by the boxful on thredUP.
  • Sign-up for free and thredUP will send you complimentary empty USPS boxes (if you don’t want to wait, go grab them for free at your local post office).
  • When another mom picks your box of clothes, thredUP lets you know. thredUP generates the shipping label and scheduldes home pick-up, so you can send books without leaving the house.

It’s even easier than Goodwill and you’ll send your family’s once loved books directly to another child who wants them.

Get started HERE.

(Thanks for your help with this Clever Housewife)

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