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FREE Dish Towels + $2.19 Bath Towels!!

Did you know that September and October are the months to replace linen at the lowest prices?

I’ve already purchased six (6) piece king size sheet sets for our bed and several new bathroom linens this month. Waiting until September has saved my family over $500!!

I want you to save some money too if you are like me and need to replace household linen.

Today you can take advantage of the Shop at Home $5 CASH BACK bonus and nab a SONOMA life + style® Bath Towels for $2.19 after rebates. The towels are on clearance for $7.19. When you shop using your Shop At Home account you’ll get  2% Extra Cash Back plus an additional $5 if you join and shop today. (no minimum purchase).

There are also Texas and beach themed kitchen towels on clearance starting at $2.39 that you can nab them for FREE or cheap after your $5 cash back and 2% rebate.

To get your bonus today:

1 – First off go to ShopatHome and sign up and get a $5.00 bonus!

2 – Then type KHOLS in the search box at the top and click on search.

3 – Now click the SHOP NOW Button – you will receive 2% back of you purchase!

4 – You’ll pay for your item(s) up front and then have your $5 new member and 2% cash back added to you Shop At Home account making your purchase possibly FREE after rebate. 😀

**Shop at home pays out in cash quarterly once you’ve reached a $20 balance. It’s simple and FREE to sign. You’ll start making cash back on your first purchase immediately.

First, click HERE to register for a FREE account Shop at Home account. Next, come back here and follow the steps below to make your purchase.

**This post contains my affiliate link. To learn more about my affiliate links, please read my disclosure statement.**

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