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It’s Back!! Earn $1 Per Survey via PayPal – No Limit!!

There are three months until the NEW YEAR and what better time than now to start making extra money? Many of you made financial New Years Resolutions last year but never acted on them. How will you change your finical situation unless you add some works to your faith?

One of the ways I paid off all of my consumer debt was with extra money taking surveys. At one point I was earning as much as $200 a month taking surveys. I took them in my spare time and treated it like a business.

You won’t make that type of money complaining about how many surveys you don’t qualify for. When I didn’t qualify for a survey, I quickly moved on the next.

One of the ways that I kept something coming in was with daily survey sites like Dollar Survey. I like them because for every survey you take and qualify for, you’ll earn $1.00 via PayPal! You can take multiple surveys everyday and there are no shortage of surveys!

Here’s how you get started:

  • Go here to join and enter your PayPal Email
  • To take a survey click on “Take a Survey” and complete it in it’s entirety to be compensated.
  • $1.00 will be sent to your PayPal account within a week.
  • Take as many surveys as you want.

If you are looking to really supplement your income or make some extra cash, begin by taking a look at some of the other survey sites I recommend. You will need to be a member of at least 10 quality survey companies in order to earn $50 – $200 a month. If you are still unsure if there is any money to be made by taking surveys, read my post “Can I Really Make Money Taking Surveys“.


Ipsos Isay – (recruitment closes today) With Ipsos Isay you can cash out once you reach 50 points ($5) and can redeem your points for an American Express gift card or a check.  The average reward per survey is 8 to 10 points so you can take about 5-8 surveys and earn right at about $5 for your time. Do that a few times a week and get a nice check each month.

Opinion Outpost – You are rewarded with redeemable points. Every 10 survey points equals $1 and the average rewards are between 10 ($1) and 100 ($10) points. For a 75 point survey you’ll earn $7.50 and average around 25-40 minutes. Payout are mailed to you in the form of a check or instantly redeemable Amazon gift codes.

My Survey – (Only 1,170 slots available) Works very similar to Opinion Outpost. You can take surveys varying in length for products that are currently on the market as well as for those be considered for marketing. They survey are fun and the payouts can be for CASH or rewards. Payouts are mailed to you in the form of a check. Registration is FREE and you earn bonus points for referrals.

Global Test Market – With this company you can cash out at $50 or 1,000 points by check. You get your survey invites emailed to you daily. Registration is FREE and I think you can earn bonus points for referrals.

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