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Keep It Simple Sister (K.I.S.S): Kids School Clothes

A few years ago I came up with the idea that maybe I could redeem some time if I started using my noggin to come up with simple methods for everything in my life. I began analyzing everything I was devoting my time too in order to find ways to reduce ‘time waste’.


It’s unbelievable how much time, effort and energy we waste on a daily basis. When we don’t create an organized plan before acting, we are really just ‘willy nillying’ it. Another phrase you might recognize is ‘winging it’.

I don’t want to just ‘wing it’ when I know that I am called to live a purposeful life.  There is purpose to be found in even the smallest tasks in our lives. Why would God tell us to ‘order our steps’ and number our days’ if it weren’t important?

My primary vocation is homemaker. It’s who I am, it what I do. It’s what God called me to do with my talents because He created me to be good at it. I enabled me to be skilled at the details … my husband Mr. Proverbs…not so much on the details.

Since paying attention to the details in my gift I employed that skill in finding ways to make our days run smoothly here at the Proverbs Wife home.


One of the things I started doing years ago to help our mornings run smoother is prepping our clothes for the week. One thing I don’t like to do is fuss at the Proverbs Wife kids early in the morning. One of the things that would cause me to fuss was not being able to locate an article of clothing necessary for school.

Have you ever planned out what your kids would wear to school the next day, in your mind? (No seriously, don’t laugh at me….I plan out stuff in my mind)


I used to do it all the time before bed. I’d brainstorm an outfit for the next school day that I knew should be clean. I knew it would be clean because I was certain that I had washed all of its components earlier in the week and had specifically told my sweet darlings to either fold it and put it away or hang it up.

However, the next day would come and lo’ and behold…a key component of the outfit would be missing in action. Has that ever happened to any of you?

Maybe it was just happening at my house but it would cause me to get frustrated and overwhelmed. I didn’t want my mornings to be a dreadful time for my family, so instead of trying to figure out how their clean clothes would find their way under the bed or back in the laundry basket I decided to do something different. (*Disclaimer:  Yes my kids would put clean folded laundry back in the dirty laundry basket if they didn’t want to put it away and thought they could get away with it.)


Instead of expecting the Proverbs Kids to be more mature then they were, I began to change my method to make it simpler for everyone. Not only did doing things differently save us time; it also restored peace and harmony to our mornings.

Several years ago I began picking out the children weekly clothes as they came out of the. We have four kids and when they were young, I used a rectangular laundry basket to collect 6 outfits for each of them throughout the week. Now that they are older each of them has weekly clothes shelves in their rooms.  As I collect what they will wear for the next week, they add it to their shelves. On Saturday mornings, the older kids iron and return everything to their shelves. My youngest daughter practices her ironing and I touch up what she missed. My youngest son just returns his clothes to his shelf after I iron them.

This can be done to simplify any area of your life. Taking the time to pre-plan and organize tasks can go a long way to restoring peace and balance to your life.

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2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Sister (K.I.S.S): Kids School Clothes

  1. I love this tip!! I always try to do this… it truly does make my mornings go so much smoother too. In fact, when I buy school clothes for my dd, I always make sure that I have enough clothes for 2 weeks worth of outfits. That way, she has enough to rotate through and not get bored or look like she’s wearing the same thing every day…. but she doesn’t have so many that keeping track of her clothes becomes a hassle.

    Planning out lunches (and packing them if possible) is another of our “smooth morning” tips. Since most of my dd’s lunch consists of interchangeable items, it’s easy for her to pack it herself. A sandwich (usually peanut butter), a fruit (could be a banana, grapes, an apple, a pear or fruit in gel), a veggie (small salad, cukes, or carrots), a few chips (5-6 pringles or pretzels), and a small sweet (gummy bears or Reese’s cup). With the exception of peeling the fruit or cucumbers, she’s very self-sufficient and can put it all together. Having her do it ensures she’s getting items she likes and it takes something off my list of things to do. 🙂


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    I like your lunch tips Paula. I really would love to send my kids with lunch versus them eating at school but because of their ages they wouldn’t be able to pull it together themselves :/


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