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A HomeMaker’s Response to Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is in full effect this month.

So far we’ve been hit with $5,000 in medical bills, our kitchen faucet has sprung a leak and our car appears to be leaking anti-freeze. I’m hesitant to ask, “What else could go wrong?”, because I know the answer.

With all of the things that are popping up to prevent us from completing Baby Step #3, Mr. P and I are working our tails off to make it happen.

Even though it may appear that we take one step forward and two steps back, we are looking beyond where we are now.

See I haven’t forgotten where we came from.  We still remember the $40,000 worth of debt we’ve paid off over that last couple of years. We also remember the stress that would accompany every emergency before we began working through the Total Money Make Over.

But today it’s different. There’s no fear or anxiety.

We know what we have to do this time around.

We’ll stop contributing to the Emergency Fund in order to address these issues and once they are resolved, we’ll get right back on track with fully finding our savings.

This time I’m cuttin’ butt first and taking names later. The first butt kickin’  is for Murphy….

He’s getting his butt outta’ here today!!

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