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Top 10 Tools for a Highly Successful Homemaker

This is where the magic happens.

It’s where to bills are paid, the coupons are clipped, where I type up all the great content you read here and more. It’s the central nervous system for my organized days.

You could call it my desk, I will call it my brain.

Everything I need in order to be a successful homemaker is here.

As Chief Homemaker, I am in charge of making sure that the details involved in reaching our families goals are carried out. This is where my Top 10 Tools for a Highly Successful Homemaker come in.

All of my tools can be found on the lower shelf of my desk.  Here are their purposes starting with the pink binder in the far right of the picture and going to the left.

1) PINK – clipped coupon binder

2) BLACKfinancial management notebook (video coming soon)

3) STRIPEDhomemaking notebook and blogging notebook

4) SPIRAL JOURNAL – to take notes on the books I’m reading

5) BLACK PORTABLE FILE – coupon inserts

6) YELLOW PORTABLE FILE –  2011 important documents (insurance, receipts, tax documents, pay stubs, etc.)

7) RAINBOW PORTABLE FILE (obscure) – important documents (will, birth certificates, etc.)

8 ) COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK #1monthly bill ledger

9) COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK #2 – keep track of the surveys I take, unredeemed voucher/gift codes, etc.

10) BOOKS I’M READING – I’m reading (4) books that cover the following areas of personal growth (1) Bible, (2) Marriage, (3) Character, (4) Business. You can see the specific books that I’m reading here.

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