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Do-It-Yourself Anti-Bacterial Wipes

I received the following question from a reader.

“How are you able to manage a home and business and still keep your home neat and tidy?”

One of the ways I am able to keep my home neat and tidy is by getting my home making chores done early in the day. As soon as I drop the kids off at school  come home and do the following three things.

1. Start a load of laundry.

2. Set up the dishes to soak in HOT water and dish soap only.

3. Quick wipe all of the bathroom surfaces (except the tubs & showers)

I’ll share a quick tip on how I keep my bathrooms smelling fresh and looking clean with DIY Anti-Bacterial Wipes. They are very simple to make and only require a few resources.

  • Bleach, Vinegar or any Anti-Bacterial cleaner you have on hand. (.03¢ per ounce)
  • Ziploc bags – .07¢ each for the quart size Ziploc bags.
  • Paper towels – You can get Bounty for as low as $0.95 a roll.

Unless you have Bounty Select a Size rolls, I’d suggest cutting the paper towels in half to create double the amount of wipes for less money.

Once all of your sheets are cut, place them into your Ziploc bag. Add 2 tablespoons of bleach and just enough water to your bag to moisten but not soak the paper towels.

Now store your bags in the room where you’ll need them most. I use mine to quick wipe my bathrooms every 2 days as part of my 30 minute morning clean up.


If making your own disinfectant wipes is not your thing, be sure to grab the following coupon.


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