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FREE Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Set & MORE with $10 Credit!!

Beyond the Rack is having a BLOWOUT SALE TODAY on household items.You can get several bathroom essentials like this Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Set for FREE with your $10 credit!!

You can even pair your credit with another offer to make your purchase a MONEY MAKER.

Here’s how you can nab your $10 credit to use at Beyond the Rack and an extra $5 credit from ShopAtHome.com.

1. First, sign up for a FREE Beyond the Rack account to get your $10 credit. The link will open in a new window tab for your convenience. After you sign up for Beyond the Rack, simply ‘X’ out of the window, come back here and proceed to step two for an additional $5 credit plus 3% cash back.

2. Now sign up for ShopAtHome.com which is how you will get a $5 credit after your Beyond the Rack purchase plus and extra 3% cash back!! This link will also open in a new window tab for your convenience. After you sign up for ShopAtHome.com, keep it’s window open, and come back here and proceed to step 3.

3. While on ShopAtHome.com, type in the wordsBeyond the Rack‘ in the search bar on the top right. Now click the orange ‘Search’ button. Then scroll down and click on ‘Beyond the Rack‘.

4. Next, click on the blue ‘Shop Now‘ button on the right. This will open a new window. Be sure to do your shopping through this window as it is coded with a unique tracking link associated with your ShopAtHome account. This tracking code will ensure that you get your $5 cash back and any other credit you are due.

5. Now you can do your Beyond the Rack shopping as normal and use your $10 credit on your first purchase. When you are done shopping simply ‘X’ out of the window and look for your $5 & 3% ShopAtHome.com credits to show up in your within 48 hours – 30 days. Once you get your $5 credit, this deal will be a MONEY MAKER!!

6. Finally, use your Beyond the Rack account to get even more FREE stuff. When you join Beyond the Rack, you’ll get a unique referral code to share with your friends. When ever you spot a great deal like this one, be sure to tell your friends about it via email, twitter, Facebook, etc. Don’t forget to include your special referral link so that you get $10 when they join and make their first purchase.

7. Let us know if you spot any other great Beyond the Rack scenarios while your shopping. Leave a comment below.


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3 thoughts on “FREE Stainless Steel Toilet Brush Set & MORE with $10 Credit!!

  1. It’s telling me that in order to receive the credit, a friend has to make a purchase before I can receive it.


  2. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Hi Rebecca, I just learned that you must sign up via a referral link to get the credit. Sorry for the confusion. Here is my referral link and you’ll have to use a different email address with this sign up http://www.beyondtherack.com/member/invite/B5BC003B . So sorry for confusion. 🙁


  3. I signed up and I did not get the $10 credit. 🙁


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