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How a 10 Minute Tidy Can Revolutionize Your Homemaking Routine

Every morning Monday through Friday I do what’s called a 10 minute tidy. I do one before dropping the kids of at school and another once I get back.

Each time I tidy it’s not for more than 10 minutes. 

Taking 10 minutes of focused cleaning time can revolutionize your homemaking routine, reduce stress and keep your never ending chore list in check.

We all know that chores are never finished so instead of trying to devote long stretches of time to doing something that really never ends, instead break it down into small do-able stages.

Here are the result from (2) separate 10 minute tidy’s or 20 minutes worth of work.


Wiped out the stove after allowing it to self clean on Sunday.

Unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher

Wiped out the sink


Placed dinner in the oven. (Meat was marinated over the weekend)

Cleared and wiped the stove.

Cleared and wiped the counters.

Finally I swept the kitchen floor.

In just 20 minutes time, my kitchen is clean and a large part of dinner taken care of. if you’ve never tried a 10 minute clean but want to just set your timer and get too it.

If you’d like to share pictures of your accomplishments, I’d love to share them here on the blog. Send them to AProverbsWife@gmail.com and type 10 Minute Tidy in the subject line.

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10 thoughts on “How a 10 Minute Tidy Can Revolutionize Your Homemaking Routine

  1. Do you have any tips on cleaning a stove if it is not self-cleaning?


  2. Looks like we have the same counter top and similar sinks (perhaps identical sinks until you switched out the faucet..) My kitchen is setup like what you showed in the photo – a L shape. This made it pretty easy for me to see how my kitchen could look… I’m in the process of figuring out how to organize my cabinets and where to put some of our kitchen appliances. It makes cleaning a lot quicker when you don’t have to move the appliances around to get crumbs out from underneath them. I have certain areas of the house I always spot clean in case we get company.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    The crumbs are one reason I prefer the appliances to be put away. My kids don’t wipe up crumbs under or behind appliances. They actually unintentionally push them under the appliances….LOL!! 😀


  3. Heres my tip, for staying on top of things. Whenever I go into a room, for whatever reason, I do at least one thing to make the room better than when I entered. Even if its something small, like putting a pen away, or straightening a stack of magazines on the coffee table. If I go in the bathroom, as I’m washing my hands I might go ahead and wash out the soap dish. In the bedroom, I might declutter the dresser. I make it a point to look at what I can do before I leave the room. Theres always something sitting somewhere begging to be lugged/toted, or stowed away!


  4. Stacey Davis says:

    What a great idea. I am going to try it out!


  5. Your kitchen looks great! I may have to try this. If ya don’t mind me asking…where do you keep you sink supplies? Like handsoap, dish soap or your dish rag? Mine are on the back of the sink. Do I need to place them under the sink to get that great look you have? LOL


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:


    I switched out my faucet a few weeks ago because the last one sprung a leak. This new one I have has the sprayer built into the handle so there is now a soap dispenser to the right of the faucet where the old sprayer used to be. The soap dispenser is filled with dish soap. I fill my sink to wash dishes on the right side of the sink so the dispenser being there work perfect. I add a few pumps to the dish water. With the dispenser, I can move the dish soap bottle from the sink. Before I had the dispenser, I would stick my dish soap and sponges under the sink once dishes were done. I’d suggest a basket to house them to prevent the inside of your cabinet from being damaged by wet sponges and bottles. 🙂


    claire Reply:

    @The Proverbs Wife, I must just get a container for everything and get it out when we need it. I have 6 little ones and are always washing hands. so hand soap is always out. hmmm…let me work on this! Thank you for the tips!


  6. How did you get the sink so shiny??


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @melody h,

    I just wipe it with a dishcloth and soap. Then I dry it with a dish towel or paper towel.


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