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Money Matters: A Recap of Our September 2011 Finances

Each month I sit down and reevaluate what we have accomplished as a family financially. I look to see if we are getting closer to our goals and to see if any of them need to be changed.

Here’s where we ended for the month of September.

1 -Fully fund our Emergency Fund to 12 months of expenses. In January, our goal was to save 3 month of expenses but we later decided to put away 12 months of expenses.

2 – Save 15% of our income for retirement.

3 – Replace the kitchen faucet for FREE.

4 – Set up a new budget using the worksheet from this book.

5 – Save for our trip to Pennsylvania.

6 – Fully fund the kids college plans.

7 – Pay extra toward the mortgage. (ongoing)

8 – Contribute to our Health Spending Account. (ongoing)

9 – Pay off hospital bill.


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