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Monthly Blog Planning — It’s Important!!

It’s been about 60-90 days since I wrote an article for the WAHM Wednesday blog series. The reason for my lack of articles is due to me taking the time to do some actual in the field studies on what was working for me and what was not.

In the last 60-90 days I have been sticking to a firm Blogging schedule which consisted of the pre-planning and implementation of some new techniques.

The new strategies have really paid off in terms of new RSS and email subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. This is a very important factor in gauging whether or not people are interested in the content offered on my blog.

So what am I doing that making such a huge impact.

For one, I am getting better at planning and listening to my readers. Each month I set my blog goals based on what I like and what I think my readers will like. These decisions are constructed around the following categories.


My content will always be based around what will help us be better stewards of our homes (PERIOD). One month that may consist of posting deals about FREE or discounted products, articles to help manage a specific area in the life or a video demonstrating how to do something.

The foundation of my content is built on helping women be better at managing their homes and families. With that in mind, I created a “Daily Blog Schedule Outline” which I’ll share more about in a later post. The outline simply list the topics I want to cover here daily.


Promotions have become one of the funnest areas to plan. In the last 90 days Emily from Clever Housewife and I  co-created the Dash 4 Cash ‘n’ Prizes, an ongoing giveaway which has become a huge success for both our readers and the bloggers who participate.

While some say that promotion should be about promoting ones self, I believe just the opposite. When I sat down to Skype with Emily our primary goal was to figure out how we could provide our readers with a fun and rewarding event.

Our second objective was how could we make it fun, simple and rewarding for our participating bloggers. Once we figured that out we were able to bring the two ideas together and create an amazing promotional tool that benefited our readers and blog partners.


I’m not very good at building communities.

I’m an idea person and a recluse.

I am energized most when I am alone and wouldn’t be bothered if I never had to socialize with people outside of my home for more than an hour of so per week.

I am physically drained by face to face socialization.

That being said, I do enjoy my online communities. I have 3 that I am the administrator over. One is my Facebook page and then I also have to private bloggprenuer communities that I co-manage.

The goal of this area of planning is to come up with strategies to make the members feel a sense of ‘belonging’ and to offer a place for them to ‘participate’ and ‘interact’.

What makes online interaction different from real life, is that real life is instant. In a face to face conversation you need to have a instant response in the conversation. Online community conversations are drastically different.

The conversation online is fluid and ongoing. I can reread the message thread to brainstorm ideas to help foster a sense of belonging, a place to participate and interact within each community.

This is pretty much the bare bones of how I’ve been planning my blog goals for the month. Having a purpose in mind for each area of my blog business is what I think has brought about the most clarity and direction.

I will continue to share more on creating schedules, blogging while parenting and much more over the next few months.

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If you are a blogger, let us know how you are doing in the planning phase of your business.


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