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Nielsen Homscan & Digital Panel is now recruiting in NEW area codes!! Pays in cash & rewards

If you tried to join Nielsen but were declined because of your area code, go ahead and reapply now. I just learned that they are now equipped for new areas ( they did not tell me which ones).

AC Nielsen as you may already know is a rating company. They rate everything from television programs to….yep you guessed it…grocery purchases. I just wanted to remind you all that this panel opening comes and goes so if you want to get in do it today.

Registration is FREE and this is a great company to work with. Nielsen is 100% legit. They honestly do pay & reward it’s members. I have tried them for myself and have been rewarded!!

AC Nielsen’s Homescan Consumer Panel is currently looking for shoppers who are willing to use a grocery scanner to track their purchases. They will send a scanner to your house so that each time you shop you can scan specific items into the Nielsen research database.


The Digital Voice Panel is also accepting new panelist. The Voice panel works very similar to Swagbucks and will pay you for your time surfing the web.

Nielsen Consumer Panel Offer:

AC Nielsen is very selective about who they choose. They are looking for specific types of shoppers, so not everyone will get chosen, but it’s worth a try to sign up. Nielsen rewards it’s panelist well. My mom did a one page questionnaire on groceries and made $35.00.

If you’ve tried to sign up before and they weren’t recruiting in your area, try again today as they are always adding new locations.

To learn more about the Digital Voice Panel Click Here
To learn more about Nielsen Consumer Panel Click Here (no landline required)

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