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October MySurvey Paycheck

MY SURVEY is recruiting new panelist which makes this is a great time for you to join.

With my survey you are paid for every survey not just the ones you qualify for and you are compensated for testing products that you get to keep.

My Survey is a easy way to earn cash and rewards. Plus it’s a great way to earn an extra $100 – $200 each month. Taking surveys is a great way to earn money to pay for Christmas gifts, pay off debt or even save for a vacation.

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1 thought on “October MySurvey Paycheck

  1. My experience comes from worknig in television/advertising. We see tons of people who purposely try and skew the data in order to make more money by making it into the smaller, physical focus group tests that take place after we do the large, dial group tests as they watch either the TV programs or groups of commercial advertisements we are testing in theater-like settings (sometimes even actual theaters in smaller cities). Obviously, we can’t take the bottom 10% (haters) or the top 20% (lovers) as their comments won’t help improve the product (and there is also the fine balance of not driving away the core audience with what we are being told are improvements by these surveys). And, after being in the biz as long as I have, I’ve become so cynical and jaded that I fill out all surveys as a 95-100 year-old, rap-listening, reality TV-watching, female, especially since it seems once can’t escape all those annoying pop-up ones all over the Web.


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