Organized Homemaking: Kitchen Cabinet Organizing with Containers

Kitchen Cabinet Organizing

Kitchen Cabinet Organizing

I’m so excited about how well these Dollar Tree storage containers have been with my kitchen cabinet organizing project.

I’ve been organizing a little bit of everything and feeling a lot more in control of my space. It’s no longer a chore trying to find stuff in my deep freezer now that I’ve cleaned it and then organized it with dollar store containers.

My next goal was a have a clutter free kitchen which I achieved in 5 steps. Part of the process was finding a way to store snacks without having things sitting out everywhere.

When I saw these stackable containers at the dollar store I got a brilliant idea for my kitchen cabinet organizing project but I wasn’t sure it would work.

Once I got home I tried stacking the containers in my kitchen cabinet but the cabinet height only allowed two to be stacked. I knew my cabinet shelf height could be adjusted, so I got to work detaching the clamps and readjusting the height to accommodate three stackable containers.

Here are pictures of some stack-able storage containers which work perfectly for keeping snacks, breakfast and other small foods organized.

I wanted to add a third column of containers, but my cabinets were not wide enough. 🙁

My goal of kitchen cabinet organizing is a work in progress but I am very happy with the results of my dollar store purchase.

The next project on my kitchen cabinet re-do will be finding some stackable containers to fit the area on the far right of the cabinet where the Coffee-mate is and replacing the cabinet noise dampers by re-purposing wine bottle corks.


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