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Setting Goals for the week of 10/31

I was at the Relevant Conference for the past four days meeting face to face with some amazing women bloggers that I’ve worked with and talked to online over the last few years. It was an experience like no other and it will take a few days to decompress but before I do begin thinking about everything that I experienced this weekend, I first want to map out my goals for the week.

Planning my days and weeks in advance is how I keep my sanity. Having a list of things I want to accomplish is important because without it, I’d get distracted.

I’m easily distracted especially by things that pop up that are not on my list of goals. It’s those little distractions that draw me away from the more important things and I find myself worn out and having not completed anything significant by weeks end, thus the reason for my goals list.

Here’s a few of the things that I’d like to do this week.


  • Read my bible and pray every day.
  • Read and journal my devotions daily – The Quest for Character
  • Read and journal my reading from – The Excellent Wife


  • Pray with my husband every evening.
  • Pray for my husband daily.
  • Tailor his shirts.
  • Pre-make a pitcher of veggie juice to help with his acid reflux.


  • Pray with my children every morning.
  • Pray for my children daily.
  • Re-braid Niyah’s hair.
  • Study daily with Niyah to help bring her grades up.
  • Work with Jr. on Language Arts to help bring his grade up.


  • Plan this week’s menu.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Update/Balance the checkbook.
  • Update the bill book with all of November’s bills.
  • Crochet another dishcloth.
  • Change and wash all bed sheets.
  • Complete (3) 10 minute tidy’s day.
  • Cook some freezer meals.
  • Start planning the Thanksgiving menu.


  • Finalize and schedule the Thanksgiving cash giveaway (It goes live here on 11/1)
  • Work on my November blog and business goals.
  • Update and close out the October finance sheet.


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