Finding Your Joy in Homemaking

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I’m partially embarrassed to say this but…

I enjoy cleaning and tidying my home.

It’s not so much the work that I enjoy but the challenge to get it done in an effective manner that does not bring me stress.

I used to dread the task of keeping the house clean and neat because my children were young and it would never stay clean for long. I also dreaded it because managing my home seemed a never ending job.

It still is but what has changed with time has been my perspective.

No longer am I striving to have a perfectly clean home.

My goal now is to make our home suitable to my families need for security.

When cleaning and organizing my goal is to make the home a place where they can come relax and be vulnerable.

You may be thinking what does any of that have to do with cleaning?

For me it means that I’ve had to wrestle with and overcome my own faulty idea of what a successful homemaker was. I had to come to terms with the fact that my worth is not tied to how many loads of laundry I am able to do. Nor is it tied to how many tasks I checked off of my to-do list.

I’ve come to realize that my being a keeper at home is designed to correct my attitude.

It challenges me to wrestle with my imperfectness.

Being a homemaker causes me to realize how flawed I am.

It shows me that having everything checked off on my to-do lists mean nothing if I am yelling at my kids everyday.

It reminds me that having the cleanest house means nothing if i can’t bring myself to be intimate with my husband out of shear joy versus obligation.

Being a homemaker allows me to go back to the beginning of time and to be recreated. It’s changed me from the women I was into the women that God called me to be. Being at home brings me into closer relationship with God and allows Him to show me how to create a home where God grace dwells.

If you are struggling as a homemaker stop striving to meet your expectations. Let go of the reigns and turn it over to God. Start by saying a little prayer and confess that you are imperfect. Ask God to help you decrease so that he may increase. He wants to have His way with you. When you allow Him to do so, He will come in and help you to be the homemaker you never thought possible.

If you’d like me to add your name to my prayer journal just leave me a comment below.

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